Luise Buisman

区域: 南极

目的地: 极圈, 南极半岛

船: m/v Plancius

My trip to Antarctica on the Plancius 2016/17 was the most wonderful trip of my life. I love the Plancius, have also been to Spitsbergen on her. It is an excellent ship, homey yet graceful, the crew and the meals really first class. I fell in love with all the male crew.. especially the younger ones and our wonderful leader Andrew Bishop, but everyone of the crew was so friendly and the lectures were very interesting.. And also the passengers looked after me with with a pat on the back when I managed something difficult, like camping or kajaking or trudging through the snow. And the Chinese were also so nice: every one would ask me: Where you come from? Vienna, Austria. What your name? Luise. You all alone? Yes I came all alone. How old are you? So I will tell you now: On March2, 2017 I will be 80. And thank you all for my birthday present of Antartica.

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南极半岛 -  基地营 Ortelius
直到 1600 USD 折扣

南极半岛 - 基地营 Ortelius




4 Nov - 15 Nov, 2017


7950 USD 6350 USD 1600 USD 折扣

韦德尔海 – 寻找帝企鹅  包括直升机
直到 2300 USD 折扣

韦德尔海 – 寻找帝企鹅 包括直升机


作为真正探险航行一部分的独一无二的机会。帝企鹅聚集地您唯有的机会参与真正的探险行程!! 雪丘岛Snow Hill Island南边约有4,000对帝企鹅Emperor Penguin栖息于此. 我们少有机会可以到达那个地方(根据过去3年的经验, 只有少于50%的机会), 理想情况是我们等在南极音响Antarctic Sound 及 詹姆士罗斯岛James Ross Island之间. 靠近冰缘边观赏帝企鹅Emperor Penguin跳入大海. 我们使用直升机找寻落单的帝企鹅Emperor Penguin, 观赏风景及降落在季节早期无法到达的地方.当通往雪丘岛Snow Hill Island...


15 Nov - 25 Nov, 2017


11550 USD 9250 USD 2300 USD 折扣

直到 1450 USD 折扣





6 Dec - 16 Dec, 2017


7200 USD 5750 USD 1450 USD 折扣